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Hi – can you confirm when we should expect our chanel replica bag to be delivered please? As yet nothing has arrived with us and I am getting very concerned about the status of the chanel replica. so sorry that we do not have 1 x Chanel Ipad2 Case Lambskin A65059 black (Chaneljune 244) = £80.04 in stock, could you pls choose another replica chanel handbags replacement? Ok - please send the bag and another Chanel product (black) that is similar please? You can choose something to the same value for me - iPhone 6 phone case, purse to match chanel bag or something similar? Thank you, This is the bag I want in silver hardware. I bought the same one in gold hardware. It is red inside with double flap. It's on page 4 of the A1112 - 2.55 bags. The picture of the bag is black with gold but the description say its silver which I previously wanted but you sent me the gold one instead. I just want to order the hardware in silver. If you have it please let me know how I can order it because I have other bags I want to add to the order too. Thank you! - Chanel 2.55 Series A1112 Flap Bag Original Lambskin Black - Original Lambskin(Lambskin) - Silver Hardware - Leather Interlaced Chain with Silver Hardware - Chanel CC logo closure on the front - Interior Lambskin leather lining - Open pocket on the back - Inside multifunction pocket Size: W25.5 x H16 x D7cm(1" = 2.54cm) yes,Silver Hardware in stock, I placed my order #1404232 today. Can you make sure that the chnael replica bags hardware is silver on both bags. I will place another chanel outlet next week. Thank you!I don't know if you remember me. I bought manny Chanel replica bags from you. I noticed your website is down. Do you have another website so I can buy more bags.